We love what we do. With a reason!

Our mission is to create effective digital communication solutions, with a fun and intuitive usability, accessible to all who want to achieve the best results, from the micro-blogger to the multinational giant.

Small Teams. Great Results

We have a multigenerational and internacional team with several skills and experience to serve customers around the world.

What is expected from an Egoian?

1. Studies, learns and shares knowledge every day

2. Is available to help and ask for help, night and day

3. Is not pleased, but very proud of his progress

4. Looks forward to changes and hopes for the best

5. Ensures a good working environment and encourages all colleagues

Our present. Your Future.

Working with us you will have access to:

  • Wage according to your experience and skills
  • Performance bonuses for your effort, immersion and dedication
  • Prize of antiquity for the most resistants
  • Progression in your career coinciding with the evolution and performance
  • Health insurance (with special perks if you have kids)
  • Mobile Phone Plans
  • We pay you all the training you want to
  • Lunch, Coffee, Drinks and fruit at your disposal in our kitchen
  • A creative, exciting and super fun setting
  • We challenge you every day – and you do the same with us
  • Lots of projects that you’ll love and will make your career go forward
  • Super-cool facilities with terrace, barbecue and games room (PlayStation, ping pong…)

… but there is also room for lots of fun