With E-goi, your campaign will abide by the law and good practices! Deliver your messages to the inbox.

Outgoing Speed

Send millions of messages that reach their destination. Don’t take risks with low quality self-hosted solutions or routes.

Email Analysis

Analyse your newsletter in detail. Using E-goi you can check broken images and links, revise the HTML code and how your newsletter looks before it’s sent.

Email Analysis - E-goi


E-goi helps authenticate your mailings with SPF, SenderID, DomainKeys and DKIM, minimising the effect of antispam and firewall blockers.

Entregabilidade Email Marketing Autenticação SPF SKIM CNAME - E-goi

Dedicated IP Warm Up

E-goi has hundreds of IP addresses with different reputation levels. The warm up process is ideal for gaining ISP confidence and increasing your delivery rate.

IPs Dedicados e Aquecimento Email Marketing - E-goi

Made by People

More than algorithms, it is the people who make the difference. We conduct daily analyzes of all delivery effectiveness processes to ensure that antispam standards are being met.

Feito por Pessoas - Entregabilidade - E-goi

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And what’s more…

FBL - E-goi

ISP Feedback Loops

We have FBLs in place with all major ISPs (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.) to automatically process bounces and complaints, ensuring your mailings always comply with spam laws.

Deliverability Monitoring (email)

Simply blasting out emails is the easiest way to hurt your deliverability. You need to abide by ISP rules, carefully throttle your mailings and keep tabs on a truckload of complex things. E-goi handles all this for you.

Deliverability Monitoring (SMS)

Our carrier-grade SMS gateways are optimised for mobile marketing in close cooperation with network operators.

Lista Supressão - E-goi

Suppression Lists

Vital to guarantee that contacts that have already been removed from your database and not reimported.

Certificação Return Path - E-goi

Return Path

Return Path is the most respected whitelist across ISPs, ensuring a deliverability boost. E-goi clients get special conditions when applying!

Proteção Base de Dados - E-goi

Database Protection

Any and all data that you import into E-goi is accessible to you only. No third party is allowed access.