Newsletter Creator (drag-and-drop)

Create your emails easily and in a few minutes with E-goi’s newsletter creator. You don’t need any technical knowledge of HTML.

Drag-and-drop Editor

Easily create newsletters with E-goi’s drag-and-drop feature. Add columns, text, images videos and much more!

Drag-and-drop Editor - E-goi

Free and Responsive Templates

We offer hundreds of professionally designed, mobile friendly templates to send on special occasions or sales periods. Ideal for sending that last-minute newsletter.

Templates Grátis e Responsive - E-goi

Dynamic Content

In addition to custom campaigns with the data of the own contacts, there are also more advanced features available. For example, show contact details in different formats (capital letters, lowercase, etc.) or show different products for different segments in the same email!

Conteúdo Dinâmico - E-goi

Dynamic Products Newsletter

If you need to insert external content dynamically in your email (e.g. an area “related products” in a double opt-in email to get these products to your online store),  e-goi has a feature specifically for this purpose.

Dynamic Products Newsletter - E-goi

Analysis (antispam, HTML and readers)

Do you want to create newsletters like a pro, prevent your newsletter from going straight to spam and even preview your email campaign in that client’s Outlook 2007? Use the E-goi’s newsletter creator analytical features.

Analysis (antispam, HTML and readers) - E-goi

And what’s more…

Relatório Interações Sociais - E-goi

Social Media Integration

Facebook, Twitter and dozens of other social share links can be customised and placed anywhere in your mailing (and not just on the top or bottom).

Edição de Imagens - E-goi

Image Editing

That image didn’t look quite how you wanted in your newsletter? Use E-goi’s image editors and the image will fit like a glove into your email campaign!

Video - E-goi


Insert video into your newsletters and make your campaigns more eye-catching than your competitors.

Pré-visualização Campanhas - E-goi


Don’t send without testing. Check how your newsletter looks, even on mobile devices, before sending to your entire mailing list.

Analytics Integration

Integrate Google Analytics with E-goi for visits from an email sent to be identified as a source of traffic.

RSS E-goi


Want a weekly or daily news feed that automatically retrieves content from your website or blog? We take care of all the integration!