Reports: Monitor your Performance in Real-Time

Real-time opens, clickthroughs, bounces, behaviour data, location tracking and social stats!

Multichannel Reports

Was your email opened? Was your SMS delivered? On which network? How many Push messages did you send? Who answered the voice call? Don’t worry! E-goi gives you access to all the information, transparently and in real-time!

Multichannel Reports - E-goi

Behaviour Reports

Does your client use an iPhone? E-goi’s reports show you the most-clicked links and who clicked, recommended or shared them on social media, and even the type of mobile device your clients use. Take the opportunity to do some cross-selling, and suggested they buy a phone cover to increase your sales!

Behaviour Reports - E-goi

Geographical Tracking

Learn where in the world people are opening your newsletter. You can then use this info to geotarget your campaigns!

Geographical Tracking - E-goi

Click Maps

Where are your subscribers clicking the most? Easy, simply take a look at your newsletter’s clickmap overlay and learn from their habits.

Relatório de Cliques Visuais em Email Marketing - E-goi

Subscriber Reports

See the behaviour of each subscriber on your list, in detail, and adapt your communication strategy to each individual profile. Engage with your clients and offer them what they really want.

Subscriber Reports - E-goi

Your Automation Statistics

Would you like to know which of your automated messages are more effective? E-goi offers reports to improve your performance at every stage of the sales funnel.

Your Automation Statistics - E-goi

Results Comparison

Did yesterday’s campaign do better than last week’s? Are your top clickers men or women? The answer is just a click away!

Results Comparison - E-goi

And what’s more…

Relatórios de Evolução Temporal - E-goi

Time-based Reports

Monitor your performance over time and find out the best day and time to send your mailings.

Relatórios Avançados - E-goi

Advanced Reports

Create detailed records to suit your needs. You can also create report templates to be sent at defined intervals.

Relatório Interações Sociais - E-goi

Social Media Report

Who’s forwarding your emails to friends? Who brought new sign-ups? How often was your newsletter shared on Facebook, Twitter and other networks? E-goi has the answers.

Marketing Automation (Autobots) - E-goi

Automatic Bounce Management

E-goi saves time and money by automatically removing contacts that bounced from your list. Establish when you would like the contract to be removed!

Automatic Removal

See who’s been removed from your list so that they’re not added again later, hindering engagement with your contact list.

Relatórios de Performance de Domínios - E-goi

Domain Performance

See the most commonly used domains on your contact list, identify issues and improve your metrics.